Haxe Roundup № 217

by Skial Bainn published on

There are two upcoming events, Gamedev101 Level1 by Dan Hett which is an introduction to the fundamentals of videos game using Stencyl and FOSDEM 2015 which Elliott Stoneham has taken upon himself to organise a bunch of Haxe users to attend and talk. I will create an events page for FOSDEM 2015.

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Nicolas Cannasse talking at GameDuell TechTalk

Flambe 4.1.0 was released last weekend, with 4.0.0 users encouraged to upgrade. Just run flambe update to get it. Checkout the changelog for a full list of new features.

Mark Knol has published a Flambe snippet which shows you how to affect gameplay elements to be triggered on a heartbeat, using new features from Flambe 4.1.0.

In last weeks Haxe Roundup № 216, Jacob Albano said he was close to releasing Iridescence, well he was and has released Iridescence which is now available on from itch.io.

Nico has open sourced his Twitter retweet bot HaxeBot, targeting Java and using Twitter4J along with Haxe's -java-lib which makes using native libraries easy.

Nico has also returned to regular development on IceEntity, a “simple framework for managing entities, components and runtime scripts in HaxeFlixel”, which is now at version 1.2.0, which provides a cleaner API for accessing runtime scripts variables and methods.

I think this is awesome, Steve Richey has created a “glitch” library which uses JPEG compression wrongly to accomplish an interesting effect which came out of his LD30 game MESSENGNR and now available on GitHub.

Vadim has been sharing previews of his marching squares and polygonal lighting experiments he has been working on, which uses Haxe, OpenFL and OpenFL-Bitive.

Franco Ponticelli has released demo of his latest library thx.stream and thx.stream.dom showing you how to react to data over time, easily and crossplatform.

For all of us who don't understand shaders, but want to, Sven Bergström has released the second part of his tutorial series, but first checkout Primer: Shaders, then head over to Shaders: second stage.

Tilman Schmidt has modified Nico's SlickRock FlashDevelop theme, called Seaweed.

Darek Zieliński has released the source for his GameBoy Jam entry GrayScale onto GitHub which came 7th out of 245 games. The game was made using Haxe, OpenFL and HaxeFlixel and you can play it online.

Oscar's nxColor colour manipulation library now has experimental colour blindness and golden ratio tests available.

David Elahee has added .pvr support to heaps which is apparently useful for mobile and console developers.

And to finish HaxeStudio 0.4.4 has been released, now with code hints along side completion.

HaxeStudio 0.4.4