Haxe Roundup № 458

by Skial Bainn edited on

Welcome to the latest edition of the Haxe Roundup. Haxe is a high level, strictly typed programming language and cross-compiler.

Community Updates

News and Articles

  • The first experiences of Haxe and its ecosystem from a newcomers perspective.
  • KodeStudio is now available on Microsoft Store and is rated E for Everyone. 👏
  • The next release of Armory 0.6 will focus on performance.
  • A new library called wrapgen 0.2 released on HaxeLib, allows you to generate the necessary glue-code for calling native functions from CPP and HashLink.
  • Luke Selman wrote a new tutorial, part of a series about making a video games with Kha and Twinspire.
  • Decoration and furnishing for dungeon devlog from fnaith about the progress on his bullet hell/roguelike game. 🌟
  • Lars Doucet on Haxe discord:

    “Hey everyone I got back from a Nintendo dev conference on Monday, they are taking another look at OpenFL games so if you need access and don’t have it yet, please get in touch with me ideally, you should have a game in development, or one you’d like to ship/port”

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Upcoming Events & Talks

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Product Releases

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Code Examples

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Previews & Demos

Open Source

Closed Source

Some Library Releases

People & Projects to support

  • Lubos & contributors are creating Armory, an open source 3D game engine in Blender.
  • OpenFL is creating free open source software.
  • HaxeUI is creating an open source user interface libraries.
  • HaxeFlixel is creating an open source, cross plaform 2D game engine.
  • Slava Ra is creating improvements for FlashDevelop and HaxeDevelop.
  • Mark Knol is working on Haxe and its documentation.
  • Dan Korostelev is working on the Haxe compiler.
  • Lewis Lepton is creating tutorials, code and videos.
  • Ilya Malanin is creating improvements for the Haxe IntelliJ IDEA plugin.
  • Eric Bishton is creating the Haxe plugin for IntelliJ IDEA.
  • Will Blanton is creating HaxeFlixel tutorials.
  • Matthew Wallace is creating Haxe By Example tutorials.
  • August Late is creating unique 2D lighting tech.

Updates from the Haxe core

Current Proposals & Discussions

Core Changes

17~ commits have been made to Haxe compiler in the last week.

  • [js] Fix type inference for Promise callback arguments commit.
  • HTML Extern improvements merged. 🌟
  • Add @:semantics to deal with native semantics merged. 🌟

You can get started using the latest features by downloading a nightly build of Haxe.

Take it easy everyone and have a good week!