Haxe Roundup № 323

by Skial Bainn published on

wwx2015 openfl consoles lars doucet
Lars Doucet speaking at WWX2015 in Mozilla Paris.

Alot has happened since the WWX2015 event. The age old question of “when will Haxe get short lambda's” has been asked again, now a WWX tradition. The thread turned into a discussion of a community fork, which appeared as an aggressive gesture. I don't think it was intended to come across like that.

Patrick Le Clec'h Hacking Haxe project and work, where he experimentally adds new features to the Haxe compiler, demonstrates perfectly that it can be done without macros.

One of Patrick's first experimental additions were short lambdas, try it out on his Hacking Hack Playground.

Partick has also added a couple of new features to his dev branch of Haxe.

  • Nil Coalescing Operator ?? and Optional Chaining Operator ?. playground.
  • Singleton Object playground.

A great project to come out of the lambda discussion is Slambda by Andreas, “pronounced "slam-da", stands for Short Lambda [and is] a tiny library that enables lambda expressions for Haxe in a simple way”. Its also been added to thx.core.

The Haxe Foundation have been on a organising rampage with the launch of their Project Management repository on GitHub discussing the foundation's problems and future.

For more WWX2015 related info, check out my article WWX2015 Highlights covering the new HXCPP target Cppia, the amazing features of Kha, Ufront - the official web framework for Haxe and loads more.

Following Robert's announcement of Kha's Unity3D target, Sidar Talei has posted a picture of KhaPunk running natively in Unity.

khapunk kha unity unity3d consoles
KhaPunk running in Unity by @Hexvalues!

A framework mentioned in Robert's WWX2015 talk, ZBlend by Lubos Lenco, a “3D game engine that integrates into Blender” has released a new first person demo.

The GameDuell team have also continued their post WWX2015 articles, releasing an in-depth post on the duell tool.

Francesco Agati has been on a article publishing sprint this week, here are his articles:

  • Riot.hx - Haxe wrapper for Riot article.
  • Write isomorphic code with Haxe article.
  • Use Haxe with Java article.
  • The real isomorphic code article.
  • Slambda - A nice lib for short lambda in Haxe article.
  • Assignment destructuring in Haxe article.

Nico May has updated his web chat app Aqueous Basin to support private rooms, dynamic favicons and a homemade captcha system all built with Abe.

The Shark Punch team has officially released "The Masterplan", now available from Steam made with OpenFL for Windows, OSX and SteamOS/Linux.

Another game on Steam, up for greenlight is Mu Complex by Studio Cime, which has episodes 1 and 2 on Kongregate, is a puzzle game in which you will become a “full featured hacker”.

Another game release this week is Zombie Bucket available from the App Store by Filip Loster using OpenFL. Zombie Bucket is a “fast-paced, pixel-art Arcade Match-3 Zombie Slasher”.

Leong Wai Yin has released his latest HaxeFlixel article on using masks in HaxeFlixel. It's one of the longer tutorials written by Leong but still interesting.

Eiyeron Fulmincendii has posted an article[fr] called Nonoluxe, which is a cross-platform HTML5 puzzle game made with snõwkit and “is inspired by existing games like Picross DS”. You can play the current version of the game online.

And if you haven't seen it yet, here's HaxeFlixel's MODE demo on the WiiU.