Haxe Roundup № 314

by Skial Bainn published on
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WWX 2015 in Paris between 29th May and 1st June!

The Haxor team are back, releasing the Web Bundle library onto GitHub. This library isn't Haxe specific, written in JavaScript running through NodeJS, Web Bundle aims to “significantly reduce the number of HTTP requests allowing fast page loads” by compressing text data by at “least 40% compressed”.

Web Bundle by the Haxor team achieves this by packing everything into a single PNG image taking advantage of browsers “decompression routines are native and fast”. The idea is nothing new with the earliest post using this idea is from 2008.

The TiVo developer team have released activity, a “cross-platform mechanism for allowing multiple contexts of execution to co-exist within a single program” onto HaxeLib and GitHub. Checkout the introduction thread to Activity over on the Haxe mailing list.

The WWX 2015 campaign is about to end today, currently standing at 222% of its total.

The DateTime by Alexander Kuzmenko has recently been updated, significantly reducing the timezone database size, “reduced from 2.5Mb to 116Kb”. DateTime is a “custom date-time implementation for Haxe [which] does not store milliseconds information [and] contains classes and methods for manipulating intervals and date/time math.” Depending on the target platform DateTime can be 7x faster or 10x slower.

Jeff Ward has updated HxScout with “allocation and collection tracking [which is] working in HXCPP [and] finally useful in solving real issues in itself!”.

hxscout hxcpp jeff ward social
HxScout allocation & collection tracking in HXCPP by @Jeff__Ward

Elliott Stoneham whos working on tardisgo a “Golang to Haxe transpiler” has documented the current state of the Golang standard package when transpiled to Haxe and compiled to one of its targets.

Sven Bergström has published another Snõwkit developer log, titled Modularity in which he spent “some time finalizing the underlying snõw API”. That statement doesn't even justify the great detail Sven has gone into in this weeks dev log.

Tilman Schmidt has written a great article over on the snõwkit community site documenting his progress on his Polar Platform game, of course using snõwkit and luxe engine. It looks like it is the making of a great and challenging game.

Another article from the snõwkit site, by Espen Breivik, titled Making a simple Isometric tile editor for Kenny.nl tiles. This article is incredibly detailed and an interesting read on creating an editor.

Patrick Le Clec'h is back with a couple more hacking Haxe implementations.

  • Destructuring in functions.
  • Short classes, an incredibly terse way of defining classes, it looks great.

This should gain some traction as Haxe increases in popularity, the Checkstyle library by Adi Reddy Mora which is an “automated code analysis tool ideal for projects that want to enforce coding conventions”.

For those of you who have wanted a macro tutorial, wait no more! Learn how to Create a Code Profiler in Haxe using Macros from Kenton Hamaluik, who guides you through many macro features along the way. There are a few other tutorials out there as well, Compile Time Macros by Sven Bergström and Haxe Macros by Mark Knol.

Jason Sturges has published Flash and the Polyglot - roadmap for the ubiquitous developer on the constant question for developers Where to go from here?

Greg Caldwell has created an action map for the NHS change day event using OpenFL and Away3D targeting WebGL.

Fuz is also back again this week with Haxe challenge game #4 completed in which he created a game in 96 hours using OpenFL targeting HTML5.

Lubos Lenco continues his Kha library leadership by adding Game Center support to the framework.

And Tong has updated his haxelib bash completion script to support Haxe 3.2.0-rc.2.

I'll finish this weeks roundup off with the awesome news that Yummy Circus is coming to the WiiU and Xbox One this summer via an elite team of Haxe users who are working on OpenFL's console support.

yummy circus haxe console xbox one wiiu openfl
Yummy Circus coming to Xbox One and WiiU this summer!