Haxe Roundup № 304

by Skial Bainn published on

The last few days have seen three snõwkit articles released by Sven Bergström.

The second focus sheet has been published alpha-2.0+0010 which will sort out the asset management system and ensuring windowing events are consistent which will result in some API behavioural changes. Sven also takes the time to talk about some recent updates and snowkit related news. I'm particularly interested in the native sdk based on what Sven has written.

The native sdk is taking shape quite nicely, I have already used it to write some quick proof of concepts, for example in a very short time (~2 hours?) I was able to add clipboard copy paste, native window embedded (mac) Game Center, and load a custom native window directly from Xcode interface builder on Mac.

Sven has also updated sublime_flow to support hxml files which now work just like regular flow files.

The last article that Sven has written is mint details: part 1. Mint is a “game focused, renderer agnostic, minimal UI library” which will allow any Haxe framework to implement only the display portion of code, with native support for responsive layouts using the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm, the same algorithm that Apple uses in Auto Layout. To reduce hard coding the constraints, Sven has created a new WIP file format called .mint which is a distilled version of CSS and HTML.

Quite a few videos and screenshots have appeared in past roundups of Nico's and Compost Face's latest game, Heavier than Air, using luxe engine from the snõwkit collective, they have created a visual summary showcasing their progress.

A talk this Thursday 29th January in Boston, US by Franco Ponticelli on the topic of The Art of Transpiling, with his talk called Haxe - the King of Transpilers. Hopefully there will be a recording available at a later date.

A library that hasn't been mentioned in a long time is Haxor Engine which “combines the power of Haxe language and WebGL to allow the development of high quality 3D applications for the next generation browsers” will be focusing on funding this year to make Haxor an official product, who are starting the year at Campus Party Brazil.

Half a Bench have created externs for the Pixi Particles library which have been merged into the Haxe PixiJS library maintained by Adi Reddy Mora which resembles Particle Designer. There is even a browser based particle editor.

Saumya has written about his experience of creating his first CLI cross-platform application compiled to Neko.

openfl lime harfbuzz font typeface
@DanielUranga has Harfbuzz text for Arabic/Chinese/etc working in Lime/OpenFL!

Lars Doucet tweeted a picture of a green square that started a thread which was about the attempt of getting Lime and OpenFL to work on the WiiU.

But while Lars fixed issues with OpenFL on WiiU, he released a massive update to the HaxeFlixel UI documentation.

In the same week as Lars testing OpenFL on the WiiU, releasing a huge improvement to the HaxeFlixel UI documentation and Daniel Uranga getting Harfbuzz on OpenFL, Jeff Ward gets HxScout to profile itself!

The HxScout profiling work, as far as I'm aware, is framework agnostic, so any framework or library using HXCPP should be able to hook into the profiler.

Erifdex has written A Revival, a progress update on his game SwitchTile which is “an innovative puzzle game, consisting of a grid of movable rows and columns of tiles. To solve SwitchTile, the original pattern of colours must be reached”.

I'll finish this weeks day late roundup with the news that the core compiler team are planning on setting up a benchmark server to test and track the performance of core classes, like StringMap between commits. This is only going to make Haxe more amazing.