Haxe Roundup № 222

by Skial Bainn published on

Franco Ponticelli has written The Benefits of Transpiling to JavaScript over on io.pellucid.com which is a great introduction to Haxe for Javascript developers investigating various transpilers compilers. In the article Franco has been able to introduce a lot of Haxe's features but in small, easy to understand, effective chunks.

The DOM4 Haxe implementation is progressing fast, created by Daniel Glazman, he has recently improved the Haxe XML parser by adding the ability for it to now parse XML namespaces, which also resulted in him adding a XML serializer for pretty printing. There are also a couple more additions you can check out.

blender kha
@luboslenco using Blender nodes to create materials for Kha

Sven Bergström has written About Alpha Focus, his first post since announcing Snõwkit in which Sven address some of the more common questions which have popped up since launch, he also shares some of the analytics since launch and what the plan is moving forward.

The community that is forming around Snõwkit continues to share articles. The most recent being Welcome to Westport by Kristian Brodal which introduces his censorship simulator and Gesluxe Gesture Recongnizer by Josu Igoa.

The Snõwkit examples continue to appear, this week with a random tile generator by Funk Moth, a .ply importer for Luxe Engine and big waves by Tilman Schmidt and finally a preview of parallax, spawner and movement components from Luxe Engine by Guntur Sarwohadi

bullet physics
Snõwkit bullet physics example by @dazKind

A few games have been released this last week, 2048 Halloween by Andrew, Cyber Shells by Luke Tramps both available on Google Play Store and Defends the Sushi by Namide created during BeconGameJam 08.

Jeff Ward has written the article Can OpenFL Recapture The Magic of Flash? in which he explores what made Flash great in it hayday and how OpenFL can become as successful as Flash once was.

jeff map
The reader map of @Jeff__Ward

Ian Harrigan, author of Haxe UI, has add a new component, the divider. That simple.

Kirill Poletaev continues to create HaxeFlixel tutorials. Since last weeks roundup you could have learnt how to add a HUD, collision detection, potion pickups, wandering enemies, chasing AI, implementing combat and more all on haxecoder.com.

A recent discovery is player03.com which has a bunch of recent OpenFL tutorials, but instead of creating games, it is, currently, focused on the low level side of OpenFL, how to create OpenFL extensions, Overriding your AndroidManifest.xml file and more.

There hasn't been much IDE news these last few weeks, but the HIDE editor, currently on its development branch, has support for Flambe. As far as I understand Fabricio Gonçalves contributed this recent addition to HIDE and has written a feature tour article showing you how to get started.

And finally, Haxe syntax highlighting has been added to Emacs, in 2010.

dead cells social
Tonight, we camp outside in DeadCells. Wait. What was that noise? via @deepnightfr