Haxe Roundup № 196

by Skial Bainn published on

The Haxe Foundation have released Haxe version 3.1.3. This release is considered a bug fix release, but really its a sign of a closer community forming, as this release fixes an incompatibility between the standard library and OpenFL.

Because of this, the Travis builds will be running compiler changes against OpenFL, Flambe, Polygonal DS, MassiveUnit and other various libraries to detect any breaking changes they might make. Checkout the full changelog for more detailed information.

With a new Haxe release means a new HXCPP release, version 3.1.3. This release includes a revamped toolchain, which is still classed as a work in-progress, so its undocumented. They have also added BlackBerry and Tizen binaries and improved memory operations for Arrays and haxe.io.Bytes.

Also, awe6 version 2.3.642 has been released, which again, mainly is a bug fix release, with the exception of two new HTML5 drivers, the OpenFL-HTML5 driver, which is based on Pixi.js and a CreateJS driver which is considered a more robust driver, which performs as they expected.

Eduardo Dias, who is working on Haxor, has released an experimental FlashDevelop plugin which provides GLSL completion, syntax colouring of .vs, .fs, .vert and .frag files, references from OpenGL.org, with compiler warnings showing up in the results panel.

Tom Byrne has published a new library, HaxeBridges, which is an experimental library which provides discreet communication between Haxe targets by generating asynchronous communication between targets, using Haxe macros to simplify the entire process.

Lubos Lenco has created and published a new WebGL demo using the Kha framework, take a look at the perlin noise shader demo.

Adrian has released Saving Alley Cats! built with HaxeFlixel, OpenFL and Haxe to the Google Play Store.

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Saving Alley Cats!

Andreas Rønning has released bmfonthx which is a Haxe reader for the binary BMFont format. Available from haxelib and it “works a treat [with] OpenFL and Lime OpenGL renderers”.

Andreas also triggered the age old debate about Haxe for loops.

And he also goes onto write about how “absolutely delightful” its been to resume working on Croissant Fighter by removing OpenFL from his engine and creating a “tighter binding to the underlying OpenGL, OpenAL and SDL2 Haxe bindings offered by Lime”. Its worth reading Andreas's opinion and the comments.

Joshua Granick has written changes in the Lime repository which states the recent changes to reintegrate with NME and HXCPP shouldn't change anything for the end user, except for the improvements that are being made. If you're contributing to Lime or OpenFL or building from source, you should probably check the post out.

Another article has appeared over on Tuts+, Write Once, Publish Everywhere with HaxePunk: Cross-Platform Tips. Its great to see the various Haxe libraries get documented and talked about.

Onat Baş has released AkaLoader which is a external asset loading library for OpenFL. Onat has also written a quick introduction post AkaLoader - External asset loading library for OpenFL.

And finally, try.haxe.org has been updated with function arg autocompletion!

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Function Arg AutoCompletion