Haxe Roundup № 194

by Skial Bainn published on

Today is the last day to support Haxe, OpenFL, FlashDevelop and RenPy in this weeks Humble Bundle Weekly Sale celebrating open source!

The Haxe team have released Haxe 3.1.2 which introduces bug fixes, optimizations and two small new additions.

Eduardo Pons has tweeted a preview WebGL demo of his up and coming, soon to be announced Haxe WebGL engine Haxor. The demo shows off GPU particles, lighting with the level created in 3DS Max. Cycling through keys 1-5 displays different gizmos and using space makes the knight attack which has sound sync to the animation. The sound is a little quiet but its there.

Some people have found that the demo runs slow in Firefox, but considering this is only an initial demo of whats to come, its impressive.

Monster Face Games have a technical write up on developing a cross platform game with Haxe, OpenFL and HaxePunk in which Ben talks about the development, prototyping, the easy of OpenFL and HaxePunk and the small differences he faced when compiling Gorilla Defense cross-platform.

If you or others are not impressed by the easy of development Haxe offers, how about reading what Mark Knol noticed while creating his first very own game by using Flambe to target HTML5 and Flash, using WebGL with a Canvas fallback and Stage3D, respectively. By using the Flash build with Adobe AIR to compile the Android and iOS versions, Mark has targeted four different platforms without writing any platform or device specific code.

So if reading about Flambe has sparked some excitement in you, how about checking out Jeremy McCurdy's video Getting started with Flambe.

Allan Dowdeswell has written the article Adobe: Why no AS3/HTML5 solution for Flash? in which he criticises Adobe for not using an open source solution, Haxe, to enable Actionscript to Javascript compiles in the IDE.

FlashDevelop version 4.6.0 has been released with loads of Haxe improvements!

Damjan Cvetko has updated the article How to test FlashDevelop HxCppDebugger again. Remember its only for the brave.

Cauê Waneck has written a toy/real REPL for Haxe. Because he couldn't sleep.

And to finish up, Sam MacPherson has released js2hx which can convert JSDoc annotated Javascript to Haxe externs. Unfortunately it is not a general javascript converter, it was built specifically to build externs for the Phaser library which you can find at PhaserHaxe. So its still awesome.